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-====== Purchasing EBUScore ====== 
-Non-affiliated organisations may purchase EBUScore for a licence fee of £50 + VAT.\\ 
-This entitles: 
-  - use of all five components of EBUScore: ​ Pairs, Teams, Swiss Pairs, Swiss Teams, and Individual. 
-  - unlimited scorers to install the software, on the understanding that its use is limited to the organisation in question. 
-  - unlimited upgrades during the following 12 months. 
-  - support (via e-mail) for 12 months.\\ 
-After 12 months, if they choose not to renew their licence, they will no longer be able to install new copies or upgrade their software, nor be entitled to support. ​ However, their existing software will continue to operate. 
-If you would like to purchase the software, please e-mail <​>​ with details of your organisation. ​ On receipt of payment, we will set you up an account, as if you were an affiliated club, so that you can [[download_ebuscore|download]] the software by the same means via '​[[https://​​members/​v2|here]]'​. 
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