Learn to Play Bridge (Acol Edition)

Based on the popular Learn to Play Bridge written by Fred Gitelman for the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) the EBU is pleased to introduce an Acol version of the software. Most of the sections remain unchanged from the ACBL version but the sections on ‘Introduction to Bidding’ and ‘More on Bidding’ have been modified for the Acol market – allowing for 12-14 No Trump and 4-card majors. Opening 2-bids are introduced as ‘strong’ bids in line with traditional Acol. There is a new section entitled ‘About the EBU’.

Please note that this software is designed for PCs running Windows. There is no version of the software available for Mac computers, nor for tablets – but see below. This version of the software runs under all versions of Windows. The installation of the software is straightforward and we do NOT offer a helpdesk service. If you do have a problem with installation for any reason, at your own risk you may choose to uninstall the program, delete ALL the files in the LTPB subfolder within your Program Files folder, and then reinstall. John Gallagher has developed a method for using this software on Mac computers using a free PC emulator. John’s guide can be downloaded here For other software suggestions please follow the link from http://www.ebedcio.org.uk/learn