Really Easy Bridge

Really Easy Bridge is the EBU's scheme to help introduce newcomers to the world of tournament bridge.

Our Books

There are eight titles in our Really Easy Bridge Series of books:

Really Easy Bidding Really Easy Modern Acol Really Easy Competitive Bidding
Really Easy Play with Trumps Really Easy Play in No Trumps Really Easy Defence
Really Easy Mistakes Really Easy Slams

They can be bought at

Our Really Easy/ Progressive Events

We run a number of events for less experienced players, intended as an introduction to more competitive bridge. There is no lower limit, other than the player being comfortable playing unassisted, although in some cases the field may be a little stronger than others, so particularly inexperienced players may be a bit too far out of their 'comfort zone'. To find out more, please see:

Useful Links

Convention Cards | Announcing Rules | Best Behaviour at Bridge

Our Sims Pairs

The EBED Education Simultaneous Pairs is open to all bona fide bridge students who are currently having lessons through EBTA, Bridge for All or any other teaching scheme. It is also open to schools. These events give students the opportunity of playing in one of their first National events, competing against all the other students entering from throughout the country. They are fun to play in, with just the right amount of challenge to make it exciting and interesting! Entries are made by bridge teachers on behalf of their group. A minimum of one table is all that is needed. For more information, please see:

Sims Pairs Results

Results for the most recent EBTA Education Simultaneous Pairs may be found at: