Sandra Landy's Articles

Over the years, Sandra Landy has been writing articles for English Bridge. We are delighted to be able to offer them all as PDF files available to download. The list for each individual article is below, or you can download them all as a single zip file. The zip contains a contents file listing all the articles and their relevant file name:

Date Time
December 1997 Simply English - why do we have a system
February 1998 Limit Bids on Balanced Hands
April 1998 Opener's Rebids on Stronger Hands
June 1998 Responder's second bid
August 1998 Fourth Suit Forcing
October 1998 What do you mean by One No Trump
December 1998 1NT and the subsequent auction
February 1999 Getting across the Message
April 1999 Responding at the Two Level
June 1999 All you need to know about Doubles
August 1999 Overcalls in No Trumps
October 1999 The Opening Lead is a Signal
December 1999 Choosing your opening bid
February 2000 Bidding big Balanced Hands
April 2000 Opening the Bidding at the Two Level
June 2000 The Strongest Bid of All
August 2000 Bidding weak hands when partner opens 1NT
October 2000 Standard Leads
December 2000 Bidding to 3NT
February 2001 Overcalls Â
April 2001 Making Life Difficult
June 2001 Defence to Pre-empts
August 2001 Overcalls are exciting
October 2001 1 NT Opening bids
December 2001 Responding to 1NT
February 2002 Bidding No Trump Slams
April 2002 Bidding Slams with a trump suit
June 2002 Bidding Slams using cue Bidding
August 2002 Count Signals
October 2002 More on Count Signals
December 2002 Attitude Signals
February 2003 Overcalling on Balanced Hands
April 2003 Responding to Partner's Takeout Double
June 2003 Overcalling in a Suit
August 2003 Jump Overcalls
October 2003 Bid what you think you can make
December 2003 Choosing your opening bid - talking with your partner
February 2004 More Discussion with Partner
April 2004 Asking Questions
June 2004 Bidding out your Shape
August 2004 Watch the Cards
December 2004 Giving Count
October 2004 High is Encouraging
February 2005 Suit Contracts after a 1NT Opening
April 2005 Further use of Stayman
June 2005 Stayman after a 2NT opening
August 2005 Bidding good hands after a 1NT opening
October 2005 How Many Hearts ? Limit Raises
December 2005 Responding with three card support
February 2006 Responder's second bid
April 2006 Fourth Suit Forcing
June 2006 Slam tries after partner opens 1NT
August 2006 Responder has a really good hand
October 2006 Cue Bidding to Slam