Teach Bridge Guidance

 The Bridge for All Programme (Teachers)

Bridge for All is the complete learn and play programme developed for the English Bridge Union and promoted through English Bridge Education and Development (EBED). The bidding system used is Acol, which is the most common method used in England, and is recommended for all beginners. Bridge for All is the nationally approved method of learning the game so that the student can progress from learner, through intermediate to expert.

How do I become a Bridge for All Teacher?

English Bridge Education and Development offers an introductory teacher training weekend where you will be trained in some simple, yet effective, teaching techniques and the opportunity to familiarise yourself with and practice use of the Bridge for All materials. After the course teachers are automatically enrolled in the EBTA and accredited to use the BFA material - the first step to becoming a qualified bridge teacher. You can download sample teacher materials and a suggested teaching programme. The suggested 1st year course consists of 30 lessons. Students start with the absolute basics of the game and by week 30 will be able to play a competent game of bridge.

What we offer

Ask any existing teacher just how long it took to prepare all their material and you will quickly realise that the answer is "a great deal"! Bridge for All will provides you with a complete set of professionally produced Teachers notes. This includes supporting resources for each topic with student exercises, quizzes, selected hands to play and commentaries. You will also receive detailed plans for giving each lesson, with advice on the techniques to use and the key points to bring out. Bridge for All is much more than just a set of course materials. You will also be offered training in the use of the materials and how to adapt them as necessary to suit your individual style. Advice is provided on how to set up and organise your classes; with guidance on how to develop your students to become players and gain maximum enjoyment from their bridge activities. Your students will become EBU members, able to participate in the EBU’s Really Easy Events, geared towards the newcomer to the game. Please us this link to Bridge for All Programmes for information on the benefits for students through participating in a Bridge for All class

Contact information

If you are interested in any of the above and need further information, or wish to register your interest/enrol in a future course, please contact either Lisa on 01296 317 217 who will be able to assist you.