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What is the EBU club directory?

The EBU club directory is a way for enquirers to find out more about the clubs in their area, including the facilities they offer and, in many cases, when and where club sessions take place. The directory also shows what kind of bridge teaching is on offer at the club. It will replace the existing "Find a Club or Teacher" directory when it comes out of preview.

We are an EBU club. How do we update our information?

The information we show in the directory comes from the online club details form. This can be found by logging into My EBU and selecting Club Details from the Account menu at top right. Note you must log in using the credentials for your club, not as an individual member.

When completing the form, please pay particular attention to the Bridgewebs field (under Additional information), if you use Bridgewebs. This is for the Bridgewebs username, typically the name of the club.

Another important field is the Club Description. We will show this in the directory. You can use it to describe the character of the club and anything visitors or newcomers should be aware of.

Information updated in the online form is normally reflected in the directory the following day.

How can we show more details about forthcoming sessions?

For clubs that use Bridgewebs, we pull session information from the Bridgewebs calendar for that club. This includes the date, time, and the title of the session. It helps if clubs put brief information in that title. For example, rather than just "Duplicate pairs" put "Pairs online (BBO)" or "Pairs (village hall)" or "Friendly pairs, simple systems".

How can we get our club listed as a teaching club?

In the online club details form, clubs can state the teaching they offer. Clubs that offer teaching in one of the categories, beginner, intermediate, or advanced, will be listed when enquirers ask for "Teaching clubs only".

Why is my club / another club not included in the directory?

The directory is for clubs affliated to the EBU. All affliated clubs should be included, unless they have chosen not to be listed. If an EBU club is not listed when you think it should be, please let us know using the feedback link.

Our club is listed and we would rather it were excluded

There may be one or two clubs which are not open to visitors or newcomers. In this case, or for any other reason, the club can exclude itself from the directory by unchecking the option "Include in EBU public web directory" in our online club details form. It normally takes a day for this to take effect.

We are an online-only club. How do we stop a venue map appearing?

If a club always plays online-only, please check the option "Online only" in the club details form. This will then show in the directory as an online-only club and no map or address will be shown.