Permitted agreements and clause 7

What Does 7 (iv) permit?
Para 7 (iv) says:
(A combination of (i) and (ii) above (‘Polish Club” or “Three way club”)
The phrase “A combination of (i) and (ii) above” surely cannot mean “A combination of (i) or (ii) above.!
AND has one meaning, OR has a completely different meaning
But to make bridge sense, and to make the examples appropriate, the phrase is supposed to mean either (i) or (ii) , which is not what the words say.
Why did the authors and the proof readers not change the wording? If (iv) had read, Anything allowed by (i) or (ii), the meaning would be crystal clear.

Yes, I am being pedantic and got it wrong. But surely I am supposed to believe what the words say, and should not have to a try and deduce what the author is trying to say!


  • If you are going to be pedantic, perhaps you could give the full clause reference.

    Blue Book 7B1 (iv) means "Forcing, showing any combination of the following hand types: (i) above (a)-(d), (ii) above."

  • But in the Blue book 7 (iv) the precise words are (a copy and paste)
    *A combination of both (i) and (ii) above (‘Polish Club’ or ‘Three-Way Club’)"
    What did I get wrong? Omitting the words Blue book?

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    All I see is "7 (iv)".
    "B1" is missing between "7" and "(iv)".
    Perhaps it is a markup issue.

  • My Blue book does not have a 7 (iv).

    7B1 (iv) says
    *A combination of both (i) and (ii) above (‘Polish Club’ or ‘Three-Way Club’)

    This is totally clear, unambiguous, and correct.

    OR instead of AND would be silly and mean that you could play




    Of course you can, but (iv) says you can play both, and I do with one partner.

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