When things go wrong

Yesterday afternoon at the club, 12 rounds for 17 tables in a partially completed Mitchell movement were played.

As I write, Scorebridge only has the data for 11 rounds - which means that the scores fall short of the 70% rule.

If I am unable to recover the data from the BWS data files (not done this before, so don't know if possible), is it allowable to award everyone AV+, AV+ for the hands that they DID play on the last round, but cannot now be scored?


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    The laws are disappointingly silent on what happens to results that are agreed and recorded but subsequently the record is lost. The players are entitled to score on the boards they played. If the scores cannot be recovered from the memory of the computer or the competitors, Law 12C2 seems the best the laws can offer.

    To recover the scores from the BWS file it may be possible to use EBUScore Pairs and import session from BWS file.

  • @weejonnie said:

    As I write, Scorebridge only has the data for 11 rounds - which means that the scores fall short of the 70% rule.

    You do seem to have a bit of a thing about this, John: the regulation talks of boards scheduled to be played. In this case not only were they scheduled to be played, they were actually played.

    I agree with Robin that it ought to be possible to get the data from the BWS file if it is actually in there.

  • Assuming that the actual result are not available, the perhaps this would be an occasion were 'Not Played' would be the best answer, cutting the event short by 1 round. Not ideal as people did play and score those hands and might generate some ill feeling. Giving Ave or Ave+ to everyone does not resolve the situation and would make scant difference to the actual results.

  • Going by memory, in Scorebridge, the BWS file is held in a directory, Bridge data/your club name/bridgemate on the scoring computer. As Robin says create the event in EBUscore and use this bws file. Alternatively you can start up the event and you normally get the message "do you wish to retrieve results from server" (or similar). Only if server hasn't been subsequently used again for another event

  • The scores are almost certainly retrievable. If the bridgemates have not been initialised for another event the results will still be in the memory of the bridgemates and can be viewed from the TD menu. Also Bridgemate writes a log file which can be imported into a spreadsheet and used to complete the travellers.

    Probably the easiest way, which I have used more than once, is to open the event in Scorebridge without recreating the database and use the TD menu on each bridgemate to resend the results. There are other ways such as resyncing the server and the bridgemates but it is easy to do that the wrong way round.

    So there is no reason to think the actual scores cannot be recovered unless you want to fall short of the 70% .....
    Next time with 17 tables play a web mitchell.

  • Thanks everyone - actually I made a special trip to the club and managed to recover the data - which saved me from the dilemma.

    With regards to playing a Web - yes I agree that this would be a solution - and I don't like playing 24/34, it is just that:-

    a) These are mainly social players, who like an easy movement.
    b) The room is pretty crowded. This means that having the boards duplicated runs the risk that they could get knocked over while people move, (There are a lot of boards on relay-tables with a Web if you have two (or three!) sets and IIRC if you share the boards then the table with which you share changes between rounds - which means that the Director (usually playing though this is a hosted session) is going to be kept on their toes.)

    The committee are going to look at the situation on Tuesday - hopefully we can get another room for the event and a duplicate set of boards so we can run two sessions.

    (I don't have a 'thing' about the 70% rule. I now understand it! Each time it has come up it has been because of the message appearing on the Scorebridge system - and I was looking to find out whether it would be legal to add in the last round as AASs just to get to the 70% level.)

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