Can I rescue some bridgemate data?

Sheffield BC re-opened on Tuesday last week and we held our first duplicate session, an 8.5 table Cross-IMPed Pairs, using EBU Pairs Scorer. All seemed well at the start of the session, but then names were not available and I saw that the computer had crashed, so it seemed that no data at all had got from the server to the computer. We carried on playing and after the end of the session, the computer was pronounced as dead.

We will be getting a replacement computer and when we do, I am wondering if there might be any way of rescuing the data from the server.

Meanwhile, we have used the bridgemates again with a temporary laptop (and using Scorebridge), but we have used a different server with a different channel, and I believe that that means that the data from our first event could well still be in the original server.

With a new computer and setting up an identical event, is there possibly any way to recover a score for our first session?

Barrie Partridge - CTD for Bridge Club Live


  • It should be possible if you set up an identical event on a new computer and "Read all results".

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