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Multiple Sessions

I have two queries.

  1. My club wants to expand by offering a teams game for the experienced players as well as a pairs event for the novices/ improvers at the same time. Is it possible to do this using EBUScore (teams and pairs)? I suspect not.

  2. EBUScore pairs allows for both in-section scoring and scoring across the field when you create a multiple section event. Although it is unlikely, is it possible to set up a multiple section event such that two sections are scored across the field and one section is scored individually.

Obviously these can be done with two computers/ servers but they don't grow on trees.


  • I'll leave someone more knowledgeable than I to answer your first question, but for the second query you could run a 3-section event and combine two of the sections at the end.

  • Thanks - in my limited use of EBUScore I didn't realise that the individual sections were updated as well as the combined session.

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