The Behaviour of a TD


Is it in order to for a TD to shout at a player [who is enquiringly whether “move for the next round” has already been called], “SHUT UP!” (twice, in quick succession).

Further, do Best Behaviour rules apply to the TD when and whilst he is at the bridge table as a player and directing the session?

Thank you.


  • Of course such behaviour is not in order, as I'm sure you know without asking here. Yes, all players and directors should abide by Best Behaviour at Bridge. Whilst I would not condone the behaviour as described, it is the case that sometimes TDs are put under a lot of pressure and react in ways that fall short of how they should act.
    But rather than discussing this in the abstract here, if you have a complaint about a TD I suggest you bring it up with the club in question.

  • I would go a tad beyond Gordon's comment. I expect the TD to set a good example when it comes to behaviour.

    We can hardly preach to players about BB@B (Best Behaviour at Bridge) if the TD is 'out of order'. The TD therefore, has to 'go the extra mile' to make sure his/her behaviour is not 'falling short'.

    I agree with Gordon that (we) TDs can come under a lot of pressure. Most of us Direct on a voluntary basis and we are usually trying to play Bridge at the same time. This is no excuse and as Gordon says - 'not to be condoned'.

    If (we) TDs can't handle the combination of pressure and personal emotions without behaving inappropriately, then we need to hang up our Yellow Book and handover to someone else.

    I'll get between 16+ tables; that's a lot of 'cats to herd' and I'll need to be quite firm sometimes to maintain the timing, position any half-table, deal with Director calls. But there is massive difference between being politely firm and rude.

  • I was once described as "affable and firm". I thought "I'm finally getting somewhere with this".

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