MIdlands Counties WG - current task list

The Midlands Counties WG has been looking at the issues facing the future of bridge in this country, and have chosen the following six strands as those areas which they feel ready to tackle during 2018. A task leader is assigned to each.
Other counties facing the same issues, with either inputs or relevant experience, are invited to get involved (provide a POC and we'll get in touch)

ISSUE 1 : The County and National bodies are not well placed to provide support to bridge teachers whom they cannot identify or communicate with. TASK : to uncover ways in which identification can happen and a dialogue can be initiated.

ISSUE 2 : A serious proportion of those going through classes do not progress to duplicate bridge. TASK : to identify the causes and the remedies for this, noting in particular the ideas put forward by Abbey Smith.

ISSUE 3 : There is a growing gulf between the non-competitive duplicate player and the competitive duplicate player and this impedes the transition of newcomers to the latter camp. TASK : to understand why this is so and to propose solutions to it.

ISSUE 4 : Many duplicate clubs are not affiliated to the EBU and many are not known to the county associations, and therefore not supported by these bodies. TASK : to understand if and how a county and a national body can provide support to these clubs in order to better promote bridge.

ISSUE 5 : There is a lack of understanding of where EBU revenues come from and go to; concerns and any false perceptions need to be addressed. TASK : to understand what the true position is and to find a way of presenting this that is informative and transparent.

ISSUE 6 : The IT systems managed at Aylesbury cause frustration for a number of county and club managers, and some fixes would be very helpful. TASK : to identify (with GR) the best approach to aligning the interests of clubs and counties with the capabilities of the EBU in the future.

Patrick Shields

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