Dry run with Bridgemates and EBUScore

I think it used to be possible to set up an event, then populate with dummy data (names, scores etc) to see if everything has worked as expected. This is particularly helpful in carrying out operations which are little used e.g. multi session pairs, swiss events etc.

Does anyone know if this can be done and how to do it, so that you can have a "dry run" at home before anything goes wrong at a club event?


  • You need a small utility program called "BMTest" and on the Bridgemate page of your event in EBUScore, you direct your wireless scoring to it rather than to BMPro.

    The program itself seems only to be available from external sites, by doing a search for "Jeff Smith BMTest", so do take care when downloading it.

  • If you write to me at jasmith@nildram.co.uk, I will give you a link to the latest version of BMTest.

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