Blue book

I'm relatively new to Directing and I have become very familiar with the Red Book.
But I can't find where it references the Blue Book.
How can I insist on standards for the meaning of bids? Is it just 90b8

oops I should have said pale yellow imitation.



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    The 'pale yellow imitiation' has the laws of bridge in them. Some of the rules can be set by the appropriate regulating authority (The EBU for EBU events - clubs can set their own rules as they are the Tournament Organisers - providing they are compatible with the laws of bridge e.g. they can ban psyching artificial calls, but not natural ones.) The new laws will state where changes are allowed - see law 80 about role of the RA and TO - in particular 80b2f

    (f) to announce regulations supplementary to, but not in conflict with, these Laws.

  • There is no direct reference to the Blue Book in the law book, of course, because the law book applies all the world over, and different national authorities and other tournament organisers will have their own book of regulations. The laws allude to these local regulations wherever they mention "Regulating Authority", e.g. in law 12C2(b) and (d) (adjusted scores); law 20F (written explanations); law 40B (regulation and disclosure of partnership understandings, use of convention cards, etc.); law 78 (conditions of contest); law 80 ("regulations supplementary to, but not in conflict with, these Laws").

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