Wider remit

In response to a suggestion from the Midlands Counties Working Group, we have expanded the remit of this forum to make it clear that clubs and counties can ask for help about any IT questions here. If you have questions about third-party software that the EBU staff can't answer, the chances are that someone else reading this forum will have experienced the same thing and be able to help.


  • I need to install Bridgemate control software on to my laptop for scoring an event in a sports hall. I already have EBUScore on my laptop and the Bridgemate server will be provided. Can someone tell me what files I need to download and provide a link to the appropriate website. Do I need to locate and download any other files - e.g. player database? I am familiar with using Bridgemate in a club environment, but have never used my own laptop elsewhare. Thanks!

  • Go to http://support.bridgemate.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2922118-bridgemate-control-software-3-6-10
    That should be all you need to download - the database will come with the scoring program.

  • You will also need to check the Bridgemate server has the latest firmware if you need the IMP, X-IMP and Teams functionalities.

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