Revoke by dummy

While directing a club session yesterday I came across a situation that was new to me.

One player had mis-sorted her hand, putting the S6 in a long club suit, and appearing to be short in spades. This hand became dummy, and none of the four players at the table noticed until after a spade had been (invalidly) ruffed in dummy, and at least one more trick had been taken by declarer. At about trick 8 they noticed, and called me. I could not find this situation described in the Law Book. I consulted two other (very experienced) directors, to whom it was also novel. We concluded that as all parties were at fault for not noticing the error, the most approriate response would be to award average-minus to both pairs.

What is the definitive ruling here. please?


  • Dummy is at fault for not having displayed her hand correctly (in accordance with Law 41D).

    The defenders are not at fault for not noticing (I guess that's in the White Book).

    Dummy has revoked. There is no automatic penalty for a revoke by dummy (Law 64B3), but the director restores equity (Law 64C1) if the non-offenders (here the defending side) have been damaged, as well they may have been, as the ruff could easily have gained a trick for declarer.

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    To start with dummy has laid out their hand incorrectly in breach of Law 41D.

    Dummy has revoked.

    The revoke has been established. Law 63

    There is no automatic trick adjustment. Law 64B3.

    The director should award an adjusted score under Law 64C treating defenders as the non-offending side.

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  • (I guess that's in the White Book)

    Yes its in the White Book
    8.41.4 Dummy not displayed properly
    8.64.5 Revoke by dummy

  • Yes of course I was concentrating on the revoke. As pointed out in the white book, even without the revoke the director can award an adjusted score using Law 12A1 if defenders misdefended due to the misplaced !s 6. In theory there could be adjustments for both 'offences'.

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