How to Set a Club List of Movements

On the movement screen there is a toggle switch for Club List, how do you populate this list?


  • It might help to know if you are using EBUScore, Scorebridge or another system.

    On Scorebridge you select "Movements", then "Movement organiser and club standard movements" and then simply double click on the "standard" or "user defined" movements for each number of tables

  • On EBUScore, you need to go to the "Movement Library" Screen (from the Main Menu).
    There you can create a new movement (via the "New Movement" tab").
    Alternatively, if there is an existing movement that you want to add to your club favourites, select that movement, and click on "Edit Movement". No need to actually edit (but you might wish, for example, to change the name), but click on "Add New User Movement" and it will be copied to your Club List.

  • weejonnie good point - it's EBU Score
    Mitch - many thanks


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