Adjusted Score Law 12 C 2 (c)

The last sentence of this law states ‘Such contestants are awarded the percentage obtained (or the equivalent in IMPs) on the orher boards of that session’.

Is there a way of calculating the percentage obtained ‘on the other boards’ other than doing it manually by adding up and averaging the percentages from the travellers?

If we fiddle with the entries in the scoring system would it not distort the matchpoints of the other boards?


  • The simplest way in a scoring program (if it doesn't do it automatically) is to remove the board from the results so that it factors up based on their other results.

  • EBU Score and ScoreBridge both do it automatically, but if you have a different scoring program that doesn't do it, then there can be a problem that if you remove the board from the results, the other pair will also get their session average, which may be incorrect.

    If I was using a program that didn't sort it automatically, and I then notice that a pair to whom I have given an Av+ have scored over 60% in the session, I can work out their percentage "on the other boards" by taking the session score that the program has given me and multiply by the number of boards played, then subtract 60 and then divide by one fewer than the number of boards played. Then I will see if I can apply that score to replace the Av+ default of 60%.

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  • I used to do it until the scoring program at last does it automatically. I think the same algorithm with Senior_Kibitzer:

    1)I had for example 2 deals of 24 that a pair took 60%. I look at board matchpoint top, and calculate the 60% of it.
    2) Multiply by 2 (2 boards that the pair took average) and subtract those matchpoints from pair's total matchpoints.
    3) Dived the new total matchpoints of the pair by board top*22 (24-2) to see their correct percentage.
    4) I calculate the difference of the percentages, the correct one minus the wrong one.
    5) Multiply this difference with 22 (the correct boards) and this is the percentage I have to give bonus (negative penalty) at my scoring program.

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