Scoring Fouled Boards using bridgemates


  • Not sure if I have this right but I am assuming that the event was finished and the table scores have been uploaded via bridgemates during the session to a scoring program. The scores are now held on the scoring program.

    Assuming you are using EBUScore then look at the manual at
    and go to page 27.

    If you are using Scorebridge then the help section says

    "For a Fouled board, enter all the scores on the sheet and then click the "Split Board" button and follow the guidance".

    Hope this helps, but if not you may need to give us a little more information about the scoring program in use and what the "foul" was.

    best wishes


  • You can use the TD menu on the bridgemates to enter an adjusted score, 40/60, 50/50 etc, in the event the board is unplayable.

    If the board has been switched and it's a bit more complicated I'm not sure if the bridgemates can cope, then as Dibbler suggests it's probably better to use ebuscore at the end of the event.

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