Wrong boards played.

In a 12.5 table Mitchell with a NS sit-out starting at Table 1 Pair 13EW are always coming to the table which has just sat out. On reaching Table 3 Pair 13EW should be playing Boards 11&12 but the wrong boards have been passed and they play Boards 13&14. Only after the round was the problem noticed. Pair 4NS don't notice that they have retained Boards 11&12 because they are sitting out. The Director ruled that both pairs at Table 3 should have checked for correct boards and all were awarded 40%, but the 'wrong board' law directs that the results should stand and be scored. Later of course Pr 13EW came to a table where they were scheduled to play 13/14 but could not play them. Their opponents were correctly awarded 60%. What % should Pairs 3NS and 13EW be awarded on the boards they couldn't play or play again? Also, should the Bds 13/14 results between those pairs have been included in the scoring?


  • I would not rule that EW were at fault for playing the wrong boards, NS were stationary and I think they are wholly responsible for ensuring the correct boards are played. Scores obtained on the wrong boards stand and EW get AVE+ for boards they missed.

  • Well, I would consider both pairs partly at fault, the laws only say the stationary pairs are primarily responsible for playing conditions at the table, not entirely. It's easy enough for EW to check the board numbers and, in a Mitchell, quite easy to tell the boards are out of order, especially if you're keeping a card.

    The 13/14 results stand and are included in the scoring, the laws are quite clear on that point. They get to keep the scores, but get a procedural penalty. And, possibly, also the pair that passed the wrong boards, although I'd probably simply resort to a heartfelt plea to the club to try to keep my life easy.

    I'm not quite sure what you do with the scoring when they later can't play a board, that the non-offending side gets average plus is clear, but I'm not sure how you score it to give a pair two results on a board. Or if the software can cope with such a thing.

  • I can see where JamesC is coming from in his final paragraph.

    If I understand the situation correctly, the traveller for Board 11 will show:

    Rd4 3 v 13 No score as unplayed
    This will be scored as Av- and Av+ as BarkerBridge outlines

    Board 13 will show:

    Rd4 3 v 13 (unexpected!) This score will be scored as normal
    Rd5 3 v 12 This will be unplayable E/W 12 will get Av+
    Rd11 10 v 13 This will be unplayable N/S 10 will get Av+

    Obviously N/S 3 & E/W 13 will not get any further scores on this board after Rd4.

    Boards 12 and 14 will follow the same logic as 11 and 13 respectively.

    All boards will then have 12 pairs of scores in the 13 round movement

  • The problem occurs if a pair who should have played the board (but who could not) were not going to play the board anyway - as already discussed in aprevious forum. In the case of the full movement you can put in a fictitions 12 V 10 AV+ AV+. If not - well you have to do some redious maths to cater for the one-pair entry.

    I hate law 15!.

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