Multiple teams movement: 12 teams, playing 24 boards

I was asked for an incomplete multiple teams movement for 12 teams, playing 24 boards with less than 36 boards in play.

It looks as if a Patton (mirrored Howell) type movement should be possible, based on a 3/4 Howell (or double hesitation) playing 8 x 3-board rounds at six tables. This could be done with one set of boards if you are prepared for the head-to-head matches to share 3 boards. Has anyone done this? Got the movement cards?


  • All head-to-head matches would be played at the same time, which is one of the advantages of the movement, but would create lots of board sharing, though with three-board rounds that shouldn't be too much of a problem. The movements should be able to be created fairly simply from an existing 3/4 Howell pairs movement.

  • If you want to play eight 3-board rounds, with less than 36 boards in play (& only one set of boards), then there will necessarily be board sharing. With mirrored Howells, sharing could be reduced by 'staggering' one of the Howells (so that matches are no longer head-to-head). But, with only 24 boards in play, the best you can do is have four pairs of tables sharing. You might as well have sharing throughout!
    There is another solution - still with sharing throughout (or ideally two sets of boards) - which involves 30 boards in play, played in two short sessions. 4x3 then 6x2 (with 18 boards in play in the first). The main advantage of this option is that all N/S pairs are stationary. The main disadvantage is having to score it in two sessions!
    I have started working on 27-board 3/4 Patton movements for different purposes. I might look at doing some 24-board ones as well...

  • The original enquirer was happy to have two sets of boards: so the board sharing (with one set of boards) in these suggested movements is not an issue.

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