Again probably another "silly" question but what system do Counties use to record the income; expenditure and accruals/prepayments to prepare the accounts/balance sheet. For instance does your County use a computerised system, or just plain paper records? Whatever, can you tell me the type of system used. I have looked at the EBU website and can't see any recommendations (even for clubs). So any info would be appreciated. I am aware that it is best to use whatever suits the treasurer/committee/transactions but any "direction" would be appreciated.

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  • I use QuickBooks - about 4/5 years ago I bought the software for about £90 - now I think you have to subscribe annually - the advantage of the software is that the auditor can also run it (if needed) . It provides instant P&L and Balance reports and separates the expenditure /income heads to suit. There might be other small business accounting software around where you can make a one off payment rather than subscribe.

    Cleary this type of software is much better than a spreadsheet or hand written records especially if trying to report and break down areas of income/ spend.

    The software is designed for accountants and consequently until I was familiar with it I had to seek some guidance from an accountant - i.e. someone familiar with the technical terms used (e.g. journals , invoice processing between sales / deposit and bank accounts)

  • In Gloucestershire we run with a locally designed spreadsheet, created by someone quite clever with spreadsheets.

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