EBUScore change folder for Bridgemate database

Just installed Pairs Scorer. When asked for installation folder path, I modified the default to be within C:\Program Files because, as a purist, that's where applications should go. I then tried to start a new event and start Bridgemate scoring. Problem! The program is attempting to use a path relative to the install folder for the bws file. Ie. it is trying to create the database file within a path starting C:\Program Files and modern Windows versions won't allow that. Windows (quite rightly) insists on keeping applications and data in separate folders.

Is there a way to change the default database folder for EBUScore so it's separate from the program folder? I'm hoping I don't have to uninstall the app and reinstall it in a non-architectural place just to get it to work.


  • The reason that EBUscore does not install in Program Files (by default) is because of the user-writable folders in the installation folder. Obviously the design could be different - separating user-writable data from executable code. At the moment, it is not just the Database folder which is fixed to being in installation folder, the Reports folder location is not configurable and the programs write to the Reports folder too.

  • OK, so I do have to uninstall and reinstall. I have to say, as a software developer with 40 years experience in the industry, that architecture is dreadful. Windows has insisted on separating code and data (for very good reasons of security) for at least a decade.

    I can envisage a very simple "bodge" fix for this that could be implemented in the application to fix this very quickly. For all the various sub-folders for reports etc., do a string replace on the install path, replacing any occurrence of "Program Files" with (say) "EBUScoreData" (and, of course, make sure the target folder exists). Yes, it's a bit of a dirty bodge but it should work and, IMHO, would be better than mixing code and data.

  • This only became a problem with Windows 7....and although using Program Files would appear attractive, it causes problems if you are trying to find data logs because they are hidden away in virtual store and when you are trying to tell a user where to locate the data its often beyond only the most savvy of users. I also have 40 years experience and can assure you there is no extra security and putting all the data in same folder is far superior for maintenance and debugging. Not to mention the c:\program files and c:\program files(x86) which are purely cosmetic even tho x86 is claimed to be for 64bit programs.

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