Loss of data

A recent evening was run using ScoreBridge and BridgeMates.
(7 Table Dbl Hesitation Mitchell.)
Everything seemed to be fine. All the scores were entered on the table-top units.
But when the scorer game to finalise the event ScoreBridge said 13 missing scores,
and I think, BridgeMate Control Software had stopped.
Not sure what happened next, I wasn't there!

When I came to the next evening, I was asked if I could recover the missing scores.
I couldn't work out how to do that easily (or even if it was possible).
Recovering the ScoreBridge Session and linking back to BCS and the dbase was easy.
But BCS was missing the same 13 scores, and all the table-top units had gone to 'End of Session.'

First Question
Any ideas how, or if, I can get "old" scores out of the table-top units?

We decided to proceed with the new session.

I am now trying to finalise the first evening.
I propose to score up using those scores that have been received.
It is nearly a complete movement.
I have scores for every pair over 8 1/3 rounds, and for one table an extra board.
I can set all the missing results as 'Not played' and I know ScoreBridge will generate a result.

Second Question
Should I use all the received scores,
or should I be 'symmetrical' and change the extra board to 'not played' as well?


  • I'm sure you are now too late to do anything, but I wonder if you might have been able to recover the scores at the time when you first discovered the problem. It sounds as though BMPro had stopped retrieving, so the missing scores would have been in the server. What was needed was to follow the Recovery procedure in BMPro.

    Now that you are where you are, you should use as many scores as you have, and try to get information about the missing ones from those who played them and might have score-cards. For those that you really can't get any information about, I think you should give both sides Av+.

  • I had a similar problem - I was able to copy over the bws to a amemory stick, startup EBUscore and then rename the bws file to the session EBUscore created (after having deleted the original). You should still have the bws file that was created by the bridgemates and scorebridge. (You lose player names but you can copy them over.)

    (The bridgemates showed the correct percentages for the evening, but we couln't get scorebridge to read all the results.)

    If you look on the site www.bridgewebs.com/durham you can see the results for the 10th July evening pairs is noted as being scored by EBUscore but the hosted pairs is Scorebridge.

  • If you have a .bws file for a (single session) single section event, you can import the file into EBUScorePairs without having to set up the movement (so you do not need to know the movement). This is Import/Export Event -> Import from BCS Database.

  • Just to check - whilst you can export (or import) single sessions, you can't import multi-sessions because you have to create the lines from the earlier sessions, they aren't stored automatically? It also looks like you can't export single sessions/ events, you have to export the whole list of events currently listed? This is to transfer the events between computers.

    (Not that my club ever runs multi-session events, but I like to know).

  • Different sessions will have have different BWS files - BCS is re-launched at the beginning of each session.
    You could import each session as a separate event from the different BWS files, and then combine the sessions in EBUScore and add the multisession links.

  • Thanks for the help.
    Unfortunately the problem was that the BCS dBase was also missing the scores.
    So the only place they might be was in the table-top units.
    And I couldn't figure out how to get at them!
    fyi It was a single session event.

    I thought there were only 13 scores missing, but I now realise BCS must have stopped in the penultimate round so there are actually 34 missing scores. I don't think we can generate an honest result.

  • You say the database was missing the scores, but what about the server? It shouldn't normally be missing the scores without the units themselves having been unable to send, which the players would have noticed.

  • It may be that the server had the information, and the communication between BCS & the server had broken down. But if the server has lost power in the meantime, then it will have lost that information.

    If the Bridgemates have not been used for another event since then, you might find that they still contain the information for the missing scores (they don't lose the information when they lose power).
    If so, you can transfer that information at least as far as the bws file. I don't know whether you can then get it into Scorebridge, but as Robin observed you can use EBUScore.
    1. (with server plugged in) Open BCS directly, and from BCS open the appropriate bws file.
    2. "Recover Server", so that the server has the movement information (as well as most of the scores).
    3. On each bridgemate, go to "setup" (entering the 3-digit PIN if necessary). Then (I think - from memory) "Info" and "Resend". If that option doesn't appear, i assume that the information has indeed been lost.
    Best to back up any results files & bws files first - it might be dangerous if you do this with a bridgemate that had previously been used for a different event!

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