DUP (hand record) Files

Considering migrating over from Scorebridge to EBUScore.

In Scorebridge you can create a web page and append the DUP file so that Bridgewebs gets the hand records at the same time as the results.

What is the correct procedure for doing this with EBUScore - Obviously I can upload the DUP file on its own (and did last week when I had to retrieve results using EBUScore when Scorebridge stopped reading in Bridgemates), but it would be nicer if it was done 'in programme' rather than having to log onto Bridgewebs manually.


  • Under Event Details, click on the Import Deal button.This can be in any one of four formats. I imagine (although I have never done it) that this will mean the data is already in the file you upload to Bridgewebs. Anyone else with practical experience of this?

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    Once the hand records are there it's easy.
    At Cheltenham I can see the file is there. I just have to give the Event Details the right name, spelled exactly, and it links automatically at the end of the session.


  • With the hands imported into EBUScore, the hands will be loaded to BCS when this is launched. This allows leading checking on the bridgemates - EBUScore 1.1.8 has a tick box in BCS options to validate leads. Lead validation almost eliminates the scores being entered with the wrong declarer, and can find fouled boards.

  • Yes, if pre-loaded into EBUScore, the hands should get included on Bridgewebs as well.
    Alan refers, i think, to the fact that you can attach hands in advance to the scheduled events on Bridgewebs itself. The bit about getting the right name should be redundant if you have 1.1.8, since you can choose, when uploading to BW, whether to use an existing scheduled event or create a new event on BW.

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