Bridgemate app problems

A number of users have experience some problems using the Bridgemate app and Nigel, the Bridgemate rep, has provided us with this useful explanation and solution that he has allowed me to reproduce here:

"I'm fairly certain the problem you've had will be Windows/10-related. When people first experienced this problem, we were advised that a reinstallation of BCS would overcome the problem, and the inference [mine anyway] was that the previous BCS update had failed in some way. Since then our technical people have discovered that, when Microsoft imposes a W10 update, the process destroys some entries in the Windows registry, and some of these entries affect the app [typically you can initialise it, but all other app-server uploads fail]. This is why a BCS reinstallation sorts things out, as it rewrites its registry entries.

I'm aware our technical group in Rotterdam is working on the problem: the difficulty is that, having detected that registry damage exists, I gather a program cannot simply write registry entries and continue operation.

We advise TDs, shortly ahead of a congress, to set up a trivial say 3-table Howell event with themselves as one of the players, and to check the event appears on their own app. If they can't find time to do this, they should routinely reinstall BCS on the scoring computer just in case. And note W10 updates have been appearing with alarming regularity.

Microsoft seem to have a number of W10-related issues up their sleeves, which particularly affect the smaller user, e.g. a bridge club. Just to keep us on our toes! "

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