Combining Events across Locations

We're thinking of trialling one of our County Events at three satellite venues next year.
The EBU do this with e.g. the Portland Cup and we thought it might attract higher attendance by reducing travel.
I assume you can create a master event on EBU Score when the three sections were scored on separate machines but don't know how. Can anyone help?


  • You can Import events then combine them. Your master computer needs to be able to link in some way to the dat file on the satellite computers. This could be by putting them on a network together, or by copying the files on to a memory stick and then plugging it into the master.

  • Thanks Gordon ...

  • I have been considering this situation as our Couty is well "spread".

    Not sure if this will work as I have no experience of the situation. Bridgewebs has an interclub section (look at guidance; competitions; Interclub). You could link several clubs to the County Website and results might be available soonest.

    Just wonder if anyone else has experience of this?

    Will be interested in any feedback for this (even without use of Bridgewebs). Have a concern over "splitting" the field. For instance origially having 16 tables at one event resulting in only 5 tables at each of the four satelite venues (gaining an extra table at each venue). Could this "skew" the result? Would the strongest players select the "best" event to attend?

    best wishes


  • We run a Sims event twice a year. I usually just ask the scorers to send the .bws file via e-mail and I create separate sections and merge them, or if clubs use EBU score then just the .dat files. The .bws route means I have to type in the names though.

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