Running a County Event across Multiple Locations

We're thinking of trialling one of our County Events at three satellite venues next year.
The EBU do this with e.g. the Portland Cup and we thought it might attract higher attendance by reducing travel.
Has anyone considered this or gone further and done it?
If so do you have any useful experience to share
Many thanks Peter


  • In Gloucestershire we did this a few years ago with our "non-expert" county-wide pairs competition. It worked very well for a couple of years, with increased take-up by the members of the clubs who were hosting these events. But then it collapsed, and we didn't analyse properly why, and the event is now run centrally.

  • We've just done this for our Championship Pairs Semi-Final.
    We made sure we ran single-winner movements in each location
    We treated each location as a Section of a multi-location section event, and sent each location's .DAT file from EBU Score to the main Scorer who imported, and merged them before uploading the results.

  • My earlier response might have been answering a different question.

    FYI on the real question : we did an event as a fund raiser for the juniors last summer, and had clubs run their own heats, and we persuaded Aylesbury to treat it as a Sim Pairs and that allowed the multiple heats to be scored as one with no extra work for us.

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