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It has been passed on to me that there may be club directors/scorers with scoring and other practical IT problems who would like a forum where they can discuss them and get advice. Well, there already is one - here!

There are plenty of knowledgeable people about scoring and IT issues contributing here who would be happy to help, especially if you are using EBUScore and Bridgemates, but probably also if you use other scoring programs.


  • Great idea Gordon.

    My beef has consistently been that scoring programs aren't user friendly. A customisable (my word) front end system is needed. It should be very easy for any club member to set up the system and send results in.

    As a simple idea a club should be able to enter their diary of events for the year, the type of movement for each event and then all that should be necessary to enter is the number of tables in play including any half table number. There will be some other data that could be standardised such as the name of the club and when results should be scrolled onto the screen. At the end of a session a simple interface should enable scores to be adjusted and which, if any, result should not be sent to the EBU. These are just initial ideas. I'm sure these could be enhanced/improved by members.

    Best wishes


  • The biggest issue at my club is getting the person who set himself up as the Scorebridge 'expert' to share - I think Alan's idea is brilliant, more hands to the pump not fewer !

  • The Scoring announcement doesn't have the same format as the TD forum. This is is, to say the least, confusing. I don't think people in the TD forum will even see it.
  • @Alan16248 said:
    The Scoring announcement doesn't have the same format as the TD forum. This is is, to say the least, confusing. I don't think people in the TD forum will even see it.

    It was not my original intention for it to be a separate group and I'll happily get it changed back if it's a problem. But how did you see it if others will not?

  • @Alan16248 - not sure what you mean by "it doesn't have the same format" since as far as I can tell it's identical. Do you mean that Gordon's post has a blue 'Announcement' tag? That just means it's sticky to the top, until he decides to demote it.

    The discussions page is the default front page and that shows both categories merged together. There's also the categories page which gives you links to the categories separately.

    Maybe you have bookmarked just the TD category? If so, you'll want to update your bookmark to point to the front page.

  • I like that they are separate.

  • you have to go to Home
    my main point is that everything here goes to one thread.. the announcement
    There doesn't seem to be a way to create a new thread
  • I have only just found the Categories page and only via the link above
  • I guess my questions to Gordon are "How do we get to know whether my idea would be popular with clubs" and if it is "How do we get the enhancements to be made?"

  • Just to answer AlanBs query, there's a trade-off on how friendly we can make a scoring program without losing the numerous features required to support the many variations of game. EBUScore is designed to support the many many different types of tournament run by the EBU and certainly at Club Level it could be simplified. In practice, club scorers get used to the program they have always used and grow to like it over time. Many of the older scoring programs were very simple (they ran on DOS and were question/answer format) and making a very simple interface superficially seems advantageous, but it does become limiting after a while and unsuitable for the variations in movement, mising pairs, adjusts etc. I think with very minor training, most club scorers get to know their program and its capability after a short while.

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