Laws 30 and 31, Pass or Bid out of rotation

Both laws include the phrase "at his LHO's turn to call if the offender has not previously called". In simple English, one might think that "previously" simply means "at any time before now on this board", i.e. the condition could be satisfied only if LHO were dealer. But if that were the case, the rectification - treatment as a change of call, Law 25 - is difficult to understand.
It would be really helpful please to have some clarification and especially an example auction where the offender bids at his LHO's turn to call, the offender not having previously called.
Many thanks !


  • You are quite correct that Laws 30B1 and 31B apply to calls out of rotation at LHO's turn as dealer.

    If it is LHO's turn other than as dealer then the last person to call was you; hence the treatment of a COOR as a change of call.

    I do think that the wording could be simplified here.

  • Thank you Abbeybear, that was exactly what I wanted to know.

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