Bad weather

Just wanted to know what other Counties do about matches/events that get overtaken by the weather.
Who decides whether an event is cancelled? What criterion is used to decide that the event is cancelled? When is the deadline to cancel the event set?
I realise that this could be like asking how long is a piece of string but just trying to get my mind around it. If the event was a league match what do you do about re-organising the matches (teams all play on the same evening, with the same boards), What happens if a team cannot get a team together on the re-organised night?

Any thoughts actions that you do will be much appreciated.



  • Well, league matches it's quite often one team can't make it on the day, it's unusual to know far in advance you're going to be snowed in. You just have to reschedule as you can, I guess it disrupts the league structure and they'd just have to play different boards.

  • Some thoughts based on recent experience of the EBU. In particular, cancelling two heats of the National Pairs Regional Qualifier last year. These were cancelled on the morning of the event.

    Who decides whether an event is cancelled?

    The tournament organiser. But the venue may declare themselves unable/unwilling to host - which may force the organisers hand.

    What criterion is used to decide that the event is cancelled?

    Venue unavailable or inaccessible. Police instruction not to travel, or not to use roads. Participants saying they cannot/will not attend. Weather warnings that participants will not be able to get home after the event.

    When is the deadline to cancel the event set?

    I don't think you can make any promises. An event may be cancelled even after it has started. (In the Autumn Congress teams winners list, one year says something like "final not completed - no lights".)

    What about matches/events that cannot be rearranged.

    The tournament organiser needs to decide a result: a league may have regulations for unplayed matches, a knockout event may have to toss a coin. In the National Pairs, no one from the cancelled events could qualify to play in the final.

  • Thanks both that is most helpful.

    It always helps to have first hand experience, especially from those in the know.


  • The one thing we consciously do is tell people in advance to keep checking the County website, and we make the announcement of cancellation there. The decision usually falls to the County TD, but for inter-county league matches has generally gone to the two County MCL organisers.

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