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In an (ICL BBO) online match last night, a Defender claimed 2 of last 3 tricks which was accepted by Declarer. The Defenders partner tried to type an objection that the Defenders had all 3 tricks. Give we have evidence of the hand afterwards, is there anything different with online or can we still apply Law 64B2 assuming we are within the correction period (Law79C?).


  • It is clear that you mean Law 68B2 (rather than 64B2). You would have to ask BBO how they would rule in this situation as the software appears not to accommodate this Law, which should be applicable, whether BBO uses the 2017 Laws or whether it still uses the 2001 Online Bridge Laws which have never been updated.
    Bridge Club Live some years ago introduced the need for a defender to agree to a claim or concession by partner so doesn't have this particular problem, but nevertheless, the area of claims is the most difficult for online clubs' software to allow for all the related Laws.

    Barrie Partridge - Senior Kibitzer in Bridge Club Live - Pig Trader in IBLF

  • As far as I can see, bridge on BBO is a game whose rules are defined by the software. Given that the software does not implement 68B2 the result on the hand is the result of the claim accepted by declarer. All you can do is ask for a ruling: either there is a TD available to rule on the match or it should be treated as a match played privately and the captains rule or agree on a TD to rule. This will only work if the captains or the TD can change the match result.

  • On BBO when a claim is made both defenders are given the opportunity to accept the claim. Only if both defenders press the button to accept the claim is it accepted. Otherwise, the claimer recieves a message stating the claim was not accepted and needs to be played out. Play cannot continue until both defenders accept/decline the claim.

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