Handicapping in EBUscore

I have noticed that in Scorebridge handicapping seems to use the difference in percentages for the partnership, whereas in EBUscore we only get the difference in the levels. For instance scorebridge will show something like +3.13% but EBUscore uses +4. Is there anyway to select the percentage difference rather than the "round" grade difference?



  • Unlike other games (golf being the obvious), there is no 'standard' as to how handicapping should be done, but the NGS system was designed in line with a Handicap value thus giving some weight to using the system used by EBUScore. The original NGS team suggestion was that these were handicaps for individuals and that the assumption was they would be ADDED for a partnership. Thus a partnership of a 56% and a 60% player would get a combined handiacp of 8%, which exactly balances out their expected score versus a field of 50% players. This also work OK if the field of players is not 50% as they too will have handicaps. (A simple example to see this: if the whole session is of 60% players everyone will have a handicap of 5 and everything will balance out.0
    So the idea was that one grade band would equate to a handicap of 1, so all the handicaps would be integers. Limiting the handicap to +6 / -6 was simply driven by the fact that no grade band below 2 exists, but we do have nine grade bands above the average of "Eight" so +9 to -6 might be fair.

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