Making a movement fairer

I am looking for software which will allow me to check the fairness of a pairs movement and if possible show how to improve upon it.

In particular I have a 13-table 2-session 25-round movement which I have created in EBUScore which I wish to check.

I have tried using 'Jeanie' but I seem unable to import the movement despite, as far as I can tell, creating it in their desire ASE format. I get no error messages but nothing seems to get imported.

Can anyone help with what I am doing wrong or know of another tool I can use?


  • What's wrong with the two-session one already there?

  • I was going to suggest Jeanie, but I too have found it rather hard to use. I believe Ian McKinnon has a newer version of it out, but you may have to pay for that. Otherwise you might try to contact him directly.

  • There is Peter Smulders' Balans, I have used it but a long time ago and I found it useful. I liked having a command line interface. I seem to remember that it uses ASC file format for its movement files, so I had to do some movement file format conversion. I think it calls Mr McKinnon's calibre value for a movement, the the Quality Factor but it is calculated in the same way.

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