Scoring a session when all boards are NOT played due to insufficient time.

91/2 Table 30 Board Mitchell movement with play ceasing after 27 Boards due to time constraints.
Round 10 there are 27 missing scores. Should an average to both sides (50/50) be given for the not played boards?
If this wasn't done, with a 'sit-out', E/W Pair 1 will play 27 boards with the other E/W Pairs playing 24.
Not sure if it would make any difference to the overall rankings except for the % Score.


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    When the reduction in number of boards played is across the field like this the unplayed boards should not be given a score. This is functionally equivalent to scoring it as “Not Played” and this is an infrequently occurring example of when it is permissible to do that.

    As you say, the only difference this makes is to the percentages, not the ranking, but of course that does matter from the point of view of the NGS.
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    Marking them all as "Not Played" is also functionally equivalent to programming the scoring software to skip the last round.

  • You don't have to do anything with Bridgemate, just take the scores as they are.. In effect the movement becomes one round shorter.

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