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Does anyone know why the site has had so many problems in the last couple of weeks?
It's down again now.



  • @16248 said:
    Does anyone know why the site has had so many problems in the last couple of weeks?
    It's down again now.

    The server broke and was replaced a week or so ago, I have had no problems since. A fellow Director emailed me this morning saying she was having a problems from a Virgin media connection. I had been on our club website just before and just after she emailed with no issues. So - it could be problems with new server bedding in or could be limited to some ISP's. Who are you with?

  • I am connecting now without problem.

    But I have been told that EBUScore is not loading the hands played. I just do the scoring and could not load results on Friday. Someone else has now loaded the results to our Club website but the hands are not shown. This may be an EBUScore problem as it was the first session with the new software version.


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    It's still not coming up for me and I'm on Virgin. I'll try via a proxy site... nope.

    And now yes, via the proxy and also directly.

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    If you log into your BridgeWebs site as administrator you should see the following message:

    "BRIDGEWEBS NEW SERVER Monday 3rd June 10:00GMT

    The server is working fine. As per the message on the Web Administration pages and forum, we will be switching over to a new server Sunday Night/Monday morning and have made some preparatory DNS Name Server changes which shouldnt affect your access., We had been working on providing a new server all last week and this was one of the final steps. but seems to have affected the service. This should have been automatic or wait for an hour at most. All depends on the way your Internet Service provider works.
    We have now been working on this weekends issue of not being able to access and think finally have an answer, nothing to do with the server crash, but should now be available or will be within an hour. we also lost bridgewebs email and are just recovering that as well.

    We are also moving the Security Certificate over to the new server, so for this weekend only, please use http if https doesnt work

    This will change again Monday morning, when we move to new server and avoid some of the knock on issues of the crash 10 days ago. And then hopefully that one will work continuously like the old one did until the crash on May 21st

    We apologize for any inconvenience. "

    I think it would have been helpful if they had emailed this to all their customers

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