Swiss or Danish?

Our club runs a "continuous pairs" tournament over several sessions, playing nine-board rounds, scored by cross-IMPs and VPs. For the last one we had seven tables. We play three rounds per session.

I organised it so that over the first thirteen rounds each pair played each other pair using a Howell schedule. I used EBUSwissPairsScorer, and assigned the first thirteen rounds manually. I wanted to play the last two rounds on a Swiss format, with each pair playing the pair with the closest score to theirs, but not playing any pair in the competition more than twice.

I assumed that I couldn't use "Swiss" assignments for the last two rounds, because everyone had already played everyone else. If I ticked the "Danish" option, it reassigned the same matches in round 15 as were played in round 14, in many instances. I went with the Danish option and just manually reassigned any pairs in rematches, which wasn't too difficult, but was there any easier way of doing it?


  • One possibility would be to have the 13-round start as you did and then have a new two-round Swiss event, bringing in all their previous scores as adjustments. That way they wouldn't be able to play any pair more than twice.

  • What I have done is Danish assign round 14 based on round 12 results, so I can do it before play starts.

    Then if round 14 is AvB, CvD, ..
    round 15 is AvD, BvC, EvH, FvG, with something similar for the bottom 3 tables

  • Thanks, if it comes up again, I may try one of those options.

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