Computer hangs during Bridmeate session

We use EBUScore Pairs and Bridgemates.

Recently (since the last Windows 10 update) we have had a recurrent problem with the the computer hanging part way through a session. The Round Monitor stops updating part way through, only the data for the hands played at that point is transferred, and while it is possible to move between the tabs of EBUScore and BCS using the mouse, no other interaction is recognised, - no mouse-click on the task bar or Windows icon is responded to. Ctrl-Alt-Del brings up the usual list of options, but selecting Task Manager just closes the list and does not bring up the task manager screen. All we can do is a hard (power switch) shut down. The Bridgemates themselves have all the scores, but the percentage displayed at the end of the session relates only to the hands transferred before the system hung.
We have had the computer checked, and the hard disk replaced by an SSD device, but the problem recurred yesterday.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? And can anyone suggest how to respond to it?



  • As you cannot bring up Task Manager this sounds most likely to be a Windows problem. When you had the hard drive replaced did yo do a full new windows installation or just transfer an image of your existing hard drive to the SSD. If the latter you could try repairing windows (Step 3 in this link before that I think I would try reinstalling EBUScore or if you are currently using 1.1.10 you could also try 1.2.1 without losing 1.1.10 by installing it to a different directory..

  • Another thought. You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling the Bridgemate Control Software.

  • Thanks StanC.
    Update: we have updated the BCS software and Bridgemates II firmware, and updated EbuScore Pairs also.
    Things were fine for the first session, then the problem recurred two days later, hanging half way through the afternoon. I tried Read all results a few times to no apparent effect, tried switching between the BM and EBUScore a few times, then in desperation in the EBUScore menu clicked Bridgemates scoring (again). Lo and behold, the missing results suddenly appeared in EBUScore. I don't understand what's going on, but that time we got away with it.
    I cannot answer the question about how Windows was transferred. I'll circulate the link you give to those who are techier than I, and see what they think.
    Thanks for your help,

  • Hi Goujeers
    I am fairly certain that you need to be in Bridgemate scoring on EBUScore for results to be picked up, that at least is the urban myth round here. We liken it to Scorebridge needing to have Retrieving selected.

  • We have experienced computer crashes on occasion, and I do think it is a Windows problem. It is perfectly safe to shut down everything. You then restart EBUScore, retrieve the event, and restart from the point it got to. It will then retrieve all the remaining scores from the Bridgemates. As long as the Bridgemates and the Server have good batteries, you can do this at a later time. This may have to be the case if there is a power outage.

  • I can confirm that it only receives scores when on Bridgemate Scoring screen. I know it sounds a crass/drastic suggestion, but maybe try on another PC/Laptop for a few weeks. It doesnt take long to set up and you can transfer your exising data files. At least you can confirm then that it was PC related.

  • All very helpful. Thaks you for taking the trouble to contribute

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