Scrolling Results Stop Scrolling

Anyone else having this problem and/or a solution. We are using EBUScore 1.1.10 both Pairs and Teams and display the scrolling results screen throughout the event. Using either the built-in browser or the PC default browser, the scrolling results screen from Bridgemate Scoring|Reports page randomly stop updating. Sometimes closing the browser and re-selecting the Pink Ranks button or the Cycle|Ranks box gets things going again sometimes not. I have tried closing the event and restarting it but this does not help. Not yet tried restarting EBUSCore or Bridgemate Control Software as this feels a bit dangerous mid-event.


  • There was a fault in the pre 1.2.1 versions in the way the scroll parameters were being used. I suggest you check the values in Reports>Print Properties>Scrolling - and maybe play with them a little by changing them and testing on the Reports>Print Scroll button. When you update up to 1.2.1, it will probably need a readjustment of those values as they are being interpreted correctly then!

  • Thanks Jeffrey. We are still using 1.1.10 until the scrolling screen can be set to open immediately. In the meantime, on the 1.1.10 machine, I cleared the browser caches on all the browsers and then set EBUScore to use ites internal browser and we have not had a recurrence of the problem in the last three weeks - 9 events.

  • Fair enough - I have sent a suggested mod to the EBU for starting the scroll screen and use your PC browser - or alternatively its a fairly simple update for IanM (or whoever) to put in the scrolling mechanism from 1.1.10 into 1.2.x fairly quickly. I would advise use of 1.2.x improvements albeit enhanced with a few user preferred options from the 1.1.x versions.

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