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my goodness I never expected so many responses to my last post about multiple revokes. Thanks to everyone who replied.

I now have another query. At one club I direct at, the master point secretary runs the computer. He is reluctant to allow me to even touch the computer for green point events. I have only recently completed the TD exam successfully. The other directors (only 2) are not qualified so do not care. Could I have an opinion? I feel the club should be banned from running point events if the director is "not allowed" to access the computer. It is a difficult situation because quote "it's how we've always done it".



  • Well the EBU will certainly not tell a club how to arrange access to its own computer. However, it might be worth raising the question with your committee. How do you score if you can't use the computer? Or does the MP secretary do the scoring?

  • From what I can tell from the ABF Master Points Handbook, your green points are roughly equivalent to black points in EBU-land.

    If I am directing a club session, sometimes I am also scoring and sometimes we have a designated scorer on the rota. In the latter case, I don't touch the computer unless the scorer wants help. It seems like your MP secretary is the designated scorer for your sessions. I would let him get on with it. If there is any other issue, then, as Gordon suggests, I would take the matter to your club committee.

    Barrie Partridge - CTD for Bridge Club Live

  • Hi Elizabeth

    It sounds as if your club is dependent on one scorer - what happens if he does not show. At our club the committee asks members if they want training in scoring and Directing - there are not many who volunteer - however we have built up a directing and scoring rota. Normally the director and scorer are two different people. Becoming competent at scoring can take quite a while depending on the system you run ( e.g. electronic score inputting) . If you are simply inputting travellers into a scoring program after the event it is straightforward compared with operating a full electronic inputting and web page result system. .

    If you are using electronic inputting I can understand why the scorer is reluctant - hence my suggestion for your committee to look at training and building up wider expertise in scoring.

    Surprisingly in our club there are a very limited number of people who are both IT literate and willing to score too . We have recently had one person who volunteered, who is computer literate, but it is taking him quite a while to be comfortable scoring and making it work. Hence if you are using an electronic inputting system I can understand why the scorer is hesitant.

  • It's hard to find new scorers and new Directors. You have to treat both carefully to keep their goodwill.
    When I Direct I also score and I prefer it that way. My rule is that no one else should go in the room with the computer without my permission. If I was not allowed to score I probably would stop Directing.


  • Thanks for all the replies. The club is small and we do have one other person who fills in (reluctantly) when the MP's is away.

    Our MPS does not check for anomalies and is reluctant to enter adjusted scores so I think it best to do as Gordon suggested and let the committee sort it out. I started directing at the club, as no one else would volunteer, then decided to attend the directors training course.

    Gordon's TD videos are great for new directors.


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