Seating protocol for Howell type movements

At my two clubs it is traditional that when the movement involves E/W moving to N/S (and vice versa), then E takes the N seat at the next table and W takes the S seat. However, I cannot find any reference to this protocol in either the Law Book or the Blue Book. The nearest I have found is Rule 5 (Assignment of seats), but this doesn't really cover it.

Anybody any ideas?


  • There is no EBU regulation but the TD can issue instructions. Websites such as Pianola and Bridgewebs will assume that for Howell movements player who start North or East will play North and East, and players who start South or West will play South and West.

    The assumption is different for arrow-switched (scrambled) Mitchell movements: the original East plays North but original North plays West, and so on in rotation.

    EBUScore and Bridgemates do not really distinguish North from South, members of a pair are listed in the same order. But other desktop scoring units do distinguish and one (Swedish) system treats all movements as howells and lists the players incorrectly for an arrow-switch done the English way.

  • Thanks Robin. Most helpful

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