Incorrect deal file uploaded

Tonight I ran a multiple teams event using EBUScore and bridgemates. I uploaded the wrong hand file by mistake and set it to check the opening lead against the hand records.

After a chorus of director calls at the end of the first board I realised what was wrong, deleted the hand file from the scoring programme, uploaded the correct one and updated the BCS options. Although the correct deals were now showing if I looked in "reports" and "travellers (hand records)", the bridgemates were still refusing the correct lead.

I tried closing BCS control and the scoring programme and restarting them, but to no avail, and I had to abandon the lead checking function. If I looked in BCS control "server" and "hand records", the first set of boards were showing. I couldn't see any way of deleting or overwriting them.

Is this what's happened - have the hands been transferred to BCS control when they were first uploaded to the scoring programme? Can anyone explain in simple terms what I have to do to fix this problem?


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    Thanks, Name removed at contributor's request . I take my hat off to anyone who understands this stuff, and your reply was nearly in simple enough terms for me to follow.

    I used to know how to upload the hand files via BCS, but I might struggle to remember it now. It's so much easier to do it through the scoring programme. I did try to find the BCS route last night to see if I could replace the file there, but I was obviously looking in the wrong place, or didn't go far enough.

    I will try to remember in future to start the session and then add the hands using the scoring programme.

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    Vix - this is an occasional source of frustration for scorers and directors at our club. The advice given above by ** [Name & original comment removed at contributor's request]** is correct, however this is a difficult situation for even experienced scorers to recover from.

    To help scorers at our club I have prepared a document that helps to deal with several unexpected situations using EBUScore (based on something originally published by Oxford Bridge Club). I have included a detailed procedure for how to recover from this particular situation.

    Please see the document in the attached link, and refer specifically to section 6.2 "play has started with the wrong deal file imported". This should guide you through the recovery process. Scoring - common problems and how to fix them vers 1.7.pdf

    You should also have been able to turn off lead validation, as this is the simplest recourse for this occurrence. If you couldn't achieve this through EBUScore, then the settings in BCS were overriding this. In that case you could still have turned off lead validation through an option in BCS

    Mark Humphris

    Mark Humphris

  • Thank you for sharing that document. Very useful for those deer in headlight moments!

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    I suppose we could change the updatemovement button to update the deal (it current;ly only does movement related changes) - but ** [Name & original comment removed at contributor's request]** suggestion seems BCS (File>Impoprt) seems simplest and pain free for what will generally be a rare occurence.

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