EbuScore - why doesn't a new event default to the default settings?

We run one of our weekly events scored with coss-imp scoring.

However we find that when we next use EBUScore for a normal matchpointed pairs event, the scoring is still set to cross-imps and needs to be reset in the event details at the start of the next event.

This seems strange behaviour to me, and leaves room for scorer error. We have set up matchpoint scoring as one of the settings that are saved in the Event Menu under "Store as club defaults" So why doesn’t the next event default to the stored default settings?

Can anyone confirm if this is the expected behaviour of the program,?

If so it is perhaps this would be a good enhancement for future versions of EBU Score? ie to make sure that the default settings are automatically applied when starting a new event, rather than manually having to click on "restore defaults".

Mark Humphris

Mark Humphris


  • When you "Create New Event" it seems to take the settings from the last event created rather than to the default settings. The scoring method can be changed at any time without affecting any results collected though players might be confused as the Bridgemate displays would change.

  • We suffered from this at club this week. In order to know that he could cope with a Butler-scored event, our Scorer took the machines home and played around. When he kicked off the session on Monday evening, nothing seemed amiss until 7 minutes into the evening when up went the cry "BridgeMates!" from several tables. Each of them said "it should be 50-50 on the first board but it has given us both zero!"
    Naturally, the natives were hostile from that moment on because at the AGM, we had just voted to NOT have a Butler-scored evening this year.

  • This happened to me. When IMP-aware Bridgemates were new. The selection between match points and IMPs is made when the database is created. SteveF and I concluded that you could change something in the Bridgemate database so that the Bridgemates would do the right thing. But instead I changed the BCS options to not display percentages (or IMPs).

    And made a mental note to get the scoring method right before creating/launching BCS.

  • There is history behind this and it is somewhat by design. If you are doing multisession or multisection events, or you are using the PC for a county event or special sim, it saves time using 'last scoring settings' but i agree that for a club that nearly always runs single events with occasional score type changes, it maybe should use the default. In that case the 'Restore Defaults' button would actually be redundant. Food for thought...

  • My immediate reaction was that I wouldn't want it to always return to the default, but it may well be different for club users. Perhaps it could be an option to select - whether it reverts to default or maintains the last-used settings?

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    I'd suggest putting the form of scoring on one of the summary screens when the movement is selected or before BCS is launched. We play IMPs pairs once per month and the scorer for the following session often forgets, or has no reason even to consider, that it needs to be set back to mps.

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