Swiss Pairs

We have done a quick "dry" run through EBUScore Swiss Pairs using bridgemates. Set up as 7 tables, 5 rounds 3 boards per round. One pair sitting. We got a result, but perplexingly when we did the assignments for rounds 2 and 5 on one table (not the same one) in each round came up with a "BYE" for both pairs on the those particular bridgemates. The assignments page in EBUscore showed all pairs moving and the travellers showed that they all moved and were correctly scored against each other. The bridgemates that they should have been directed to showed the correct pairs for those rounds.
Anyone any ideas? Is it just a "quirk"? Is it because we have used small numbers? Or too many rounds for the number of tables?

I have seen Robin's article page 24 latest EBU mag and know that 3 boards are too little and 5 rounds too much but this was a dry run. We are prepared in case this happens during the real thing but do we have a bigger problem?
Many thanks


  • Because of the way that assignments are handled internally by BCS, occasionally an individual BridgeMate will not pick up the new destination for a pair that has just played there. When that happens, it's programmed assumption is that they have a "bye", hence it puts that up.

    Usually waiting a second or two, and then pressing BACK on that BridgeMate, will get the full assignment for both outgoing pairs (as well as the incoming pairs), but pairs who are informed they have a bye can always be assisted by the TD by pulling up their new assignment from the scoring PC.

    If you have scrolling results on show, those can be set to provide assignments as well.

  • Ok Thanks Steve.

    We had worked out the new assignments but was worried that there was something else that we had wrong causing the problerm. Will do the "back" bit in future.


  • We find at congresses that when it happens it is usually because someone has been repeatedly pressing the key before the announcement about assignments has been made, though that shouldn't have happened in a dummy run.

  • This can happen in large swiss pairs fields and as Steve advises, you can press the BACK key to get the right assignment. The critical action is that before you 'announce' that the assignment are on the BMs, you ensure the External Report is complete on the BCS screen AND that you have CLOSEd that report. As Gordon says, its often the players impatience on the BM keys that can interfere. With a large (say 50+) table event, it takes a second or two for the transmission.

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