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Welcome to this new forum, which was prompted by the discussion at Eastbourne on the final Sunday of the Summer Meeting. We will start by posting the topics that were raised and the points made int that discussion, trying to combine them into a series of small subjects, which I hope will aid discussion.

As in all of the EBU Forums, we expect all discussion (and disagreements!) to be civil.

If you are not yet a member, your application needs to be approved as a measure against spambots. This will happen without any problem as long as you mention the name of the game/mindsport we are discussing!


  • Have you thought of e-mailing people who attended in previous years and who weren't there this year and asking them why not? All the suggestions made in this forum may be well justified but without this information how will you ever know which to adopt?

    I have one further suggestion to add to those that were apparently made at the meeting:

    Why not try working in conjunction with a group of adjacent counties - thereby using local volunteer input from those counties to reduce the cost to the sort of level that applies at county green point events. Profits (and there is no reason why there shouldn't be some) would go to the counties concerned. If successful it could be repeated with other groups of counties in future years, moving around the country.

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