Swiss Pairs and Sitters

This is a silly question but is there a limit to the number of sitters for a given number of pairs. I am not thinking of 9 sitters with 10 tables. However, I can envisage 3 sitters with 10 tables. Would this situation give problems for EBUScore? I can't think of any, but there again I am not sure. Any info would set my mind at rest.



  • There isn't a strict limit, but you might find that the program eventually has trouble with assignments and asks if it can assign two sitters to play against each other.

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    EBUScore SwissPairs will tell you when it wants to assign sitter against sitter and will allow you to not do so. So it is possible to have a number of sitters and then tell them that towards the end that the might have to move! In the later stages, you can allow sitter v sitter, move the more mobile sitter and perhaps renumber tables / move bridgemates.

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    Thanks Gordon, ** [Name & original comment removed at contributor's request]** and Robin for the help.
    We might have to put two of the sitters together on the first round. I assume I can go into the "sitter" tab and change the moved pair to "sitters" after the second round draw, but before moving them?. It should not matter whether they are E/W or N/S.

  • Yes, you can change this during the event. Ensure you have the correct pair number and the correct table, otherwise problems can arise (I recently had to help a club with this!)

  • Have carried out three dry runs without Bridgemates but entering scores via "Enter Scores" manually. The problem I have encoutered is that putting two "sitters" together for the first round has raised a complication, or perhaps I am doing it wrong. I make the N/S pair sitting from the begining, that works through ok. The E/W pair get moved to another table when the draw for round 2 is done. I then manually adjust their position to N/S and then "set manual assignments" and then show them as "sitters" at that table in the "Sitters" tab. On the next round draw the Sitters stay at the table but are shown as E/W. Should I just leave them to sit E/W? If I change their orientation should I do something else?


  • The process should be:
    * choose a table T1 for sitter A, and have A play B at table T1 in round 1
    * choose a table T2 for "sitter" B to play at in subsequent rounds
    * before assigning for round 2, in the sitting pairs panel, put pair A at T1 and pair B at T2
    * assign for round 2, there should be no need for manual changes, and proceed with round 2
    * inform pairs A and B that they may change NS/EW but they can rotate the boards if so.

  • Thanks Robin. I will give it a go.

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