Transport Considerations

This does not appear to fall under any of the other categories, so I have started a new one. Not everyone is a car driver, I haven't owned a car for a number of years. Other players, even if they do own cars prefer to travel by train. Recently, a number of congresses have been held at venues with poor public transport, that is five miles or more from the nearest train station. For someone without a car like myself unless I can negotiate a ride I'm faced with the choice of struggling with local bus services which are often very infrequent and sometimes non-existent, or paying large sums of money for a taxi, adding to the cost of a weekend. Neither of these are attractive options, so the consequence is I tend to stear clear of these congresses. I know venues that tick all the boxes are not easy to find, but public transport accessibility should be one of the boxes that are ticked.


  • I agree with David Muller that not having a car makes travel to some EBU events tiresome as well as costly. We probably will not play at Daventry for that reason.

  • It will not work for the Summer meeting, but in my view some of the hotels in Coventry (that have recently been used by the EBU) are a good location for events. As well as being centrally located within England, there is a good bus service (probably because it is a university town), even running on Sundays, so even though the hotels are a few miles away from the station they are easy and cheap to get to (once one has arrived at the station).

    If it is not done already, I would suggest the EBU might test its venues by using the website that enables one to plan a journey using public transport. The degree of accessibility by public transport would ideally be one of the many factors taken into account.

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