Law27B1a - denomination of F1NT in 2/2?

After an insufficient bid of 1NT (2/1 F1 6-12 or 6-15) is the offender allowed to bid NT at lowest available level?
I wasn't sure if the fact that 1NT is in some sense artificial removed that possibility...
T|hanks in advance

Peter Bushby Suffolk


    1. (a) if the insufficient bid is corrected by the lowest sufficient bid which specifies the same
      denomination(s) as that specified by the withdrawn call, the auction proceeds without
      further rectification. Laws 26B and 16C do not apply but see D following.

    What would xNT show? the fact that 1NT is forcing does not per se remove the possibility. (I mean responding 2 Clubs insufficient would be forcing wouldn't it? and I would allow 3 clubs) It also does not specify any other denomination other than NT.

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