EBUScore 1.2.4

EBUScore 1.2.4 is now available for download from My EBU.

Version 1.2.4 contains the following changes:

  • “Ranks / Handicaps” changed to “Ranks with Handicaps” to be clearer
  • Fixes “Error 9 (Subscript out of range) in BMShowAnomalies of Module modBridgemate” issue seen by some users
  • Colours of buttons on Main Menu changed to clearly distinguish between Main Menu and Event Menu

The wiki has also been updated.


  • Thanks Jonathan, 1.2.4 looks pretty good to me.

    I have one more suggestion. Auto-remembering the last Director and Scorer in the event details screen may work for some clubs but not in ours, where we carefully avoid having the same Director and Scorer on consecutive nights. My perfect solution would be drop down lists as Scorebridge but just having the option to start each event with blank Scorer and Director would be fine.

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