Education - Dumbing Down Clubs

When EBED was formed back in 2014 one of the advances that clubs could anticipate was more focus on education and more modern BFA course materials. The BFA Year 3 materials are particularly embarrassing, being written on the Ark on loose leaf foolscap sized paper.
Although not commented upon, EBED dropped their BFA3 update project in March 2019.
Should clubs now drop the formal Year 3 BFA course from their calendars as it would seem they are not now going to be EBED supported? Perhaps have ad hoc seminars in place?


  • I don't think it is true that EBED has dropped support although a plan was,as said, shelved in March. Book 1 has been revised and brought up to date. Book 2 will follow and developing the third year course is also in the planning. I agree that there is considerable room for improvement in this area,

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